Siberian Waltz

A Symphony of Colour and Opulence

Embrace the Enchantment of Russia's Imperial Jewels

Immerse yourself in the kinetic colors of the Siberian Waltz collection, featuring the intricate twists and turns of a jewelry dance. Inspired by Russian architecture and the opulence of tsarist jewels, this collection embodies elegance and luxury.


A Dance of Exquisite Design:

The Siberian Waltz Collection offers a captivating array of pieces to complete your look:

Siberian Waltz Green Enamel & Round Peridot, Violet Enamel & Round Pink Amethyst Hoop Earrings In 18ct Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Twist Earrings

Spirals of precious metals adorned with gemstones


Bold Rings

Make a lasting impression with statement rings adorned with stunning gemstones and opulent settings


Opulent Necklaces

Command attention with dazzling necklaces featuring cascading gemstones and intricate enamelwork

Embrace the Symphony of Colour with
The Siberian Waltz collection
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