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Unleash the Timeless Allure: Art Deco Inspired Jewellery by Gemondo

Embrace the Roaring Twenties with Exquisite Design

Inspired by the aesthetically beautiful and culturally significant, our Art Deco silver jewellery collection teams sterling silver with angular cut gemstones such as onyx, spinel, marcasite, mother of pearl and lapis lazuli. With bold geometric triangles, squares, circles and arcs, each design aims for a decadent kind of simplicity.

Art Deco design crossed jewellery boundaries, incorporating both fine and fashion materials with everything from diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires to glass and plastics. Marcasite pyrite stones were very popular in Art Deco styles, adding some sparkle to sterling silver, steel and chrome designs. Other semi-precious gemstones seen in older Art Deco gem jewellery designs include beautifully blue lapis lazuli, black onyx, pearl, carnelian and many more in a range of colours and cuts.

214N628501925 Art Deco Style Round Opal Cabochon & Marcasite Necklace in Silver 3

Art Deco Gemstone

The meaning behind the gemstones:


Willpower and Inner Strength


Wealth and Creativity

Lapis Lazuli

Empowerment and Clairvoyance

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