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The Gemmological Institute of America found that the name turquoise came from the French ‘pierre tourques’ meaning a stone originating from Turkey. This gives some inclination of where the Europeans first believed the stone to hail from in the 13th century. Turquoise goes back even further having been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, with age-old beliefs of relieving ailments and protecting the wearer through adversity. Turquoise also holds strong connections with  Native American heritage. Interwoven through many traditional garments, turquoise held symbolic meaning and was said to give a true aim when hunting. Gemondo uses turquoise from traditional American and Persian origins as deposits in these areas are rich. Some of our stones have been stabilized to increase durability and enhance color but still hold all the natural stone to maintain its innate magnificence. Turquoise, along with tanzanite, is a birthstone for December and is used to celebrate 11th wedding anniversaries.