Happy New Pairs! Earring Trends for 2021

Take your virtual party style to next level with a stunning new pair of earrings. While we are still in the midst full lockdown and loungewear has become the new norm for so many, there is no harm in glaming up a little for your next virtual social event. Here are a few earring trends that are already taking 2021 by storm.

Baroque Pearls

Pearl jewellery has always been a staple in one’s jewellery collection but baroque pearls are taking over. These nonspherical, irregular shaped pearls have a unique organic charm to them and look amazing when dangling from ears. The irregular shapes of baroque pearls also reminds us that these gems start out as an irritant in oyster clams. Then mother nature works her magic by turning irritant particles into a stunning stone. We can’t promise you’ll walk on a tropical beach this year but we can bring some beachy vibes to you with our baroque pearl jewellery.


Last year was full of surprises so why not add an element of surprise to your jewellery game. Mismatched earrings are a quick and easy way to make a statement in fun and playful way. At Gemondo we have many pairs of mismatched earrings that feature different gemstones, different metals and even different shapes and lengths. That being said, buying a pair of mismatched earrings isn’t the only way to pull-off this trend. Picking one earring from two different pairs of earrings is also another way to be play around with this trend - just as long as both the earrings complement each other. If you really want to be bold you can simply rock one earring and pay homage to that classic 90s jewellery trend.

Vintage inspired earrings


Corsets, vests, loafers, flared jeans and array of other throwbacks crept back up in 2020 (maybe because many of us didn’t really want to look to the uncertain future). While contemporary jewellery carries modern elegance, vintage inspired jewellery pieces, especially ones that have been influenced by historical periods, exude a certain charm. A new pair of art deco or Art Nouveau inspired earrings is almost like wearing a little pieces of vintage treasure. Talk about time-travelling!

A Pair of Good Luck Charms

Gemstones and crystals have been associated with good luck for thousands of years - and we could all do with a little extra luck this year! Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine and Agate gemstones have been used in jewellery as many ancient civilizations and cultures this would bestow good luck upon wearers. Not only are these gemstones said to carry good luck, but these natural stones also promote good energy and look super awesome on ears!