Chakra Gemstones


At Gemondo we’re always hungry for new and interesting ways of looking at gemstones and jewellery. Getting in touch with our spiritual sides whilst using beautiful gems seems like an irresistible concept to us. So to quench our insatiable thirst we aimed to further educate ourselves on how gemstones have been used throughout the ages. One topic that always appears is the practice of chakra healing using crystals. So with open minds and hearts we attempt to learn a little more to see if we can harness the power of our beautiful gems.

From what we understand, chakras, or ‘wheels’ are parts of our spiritual bodies which welcome the energising life force, or ‘prana’ to flow throughout. There are seven key chakras around the body that each identify with a colour. It is thought that using appropriate colour gemstones on the body when laid down in a meditative state can help to ease blockage of energy in any chakra.

Below are the main seven chakras and their healing gemstones listed from root to crown with a short description of the chakra gemstone meanings


The root chakra is at the lowest point on the back and refers to our carnal desire and survival instinct, arguably the most animalistic of qualities and so brings us closer to the earth and the reality of our existence. Red is the colour for this chakra and so rubygarnet and at times even the beautifully brown smokey quartz are the gemstones thought to heal here.


Situated in the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra is associated with both digestion, reproduction and emotional generosity and freedom. Associated with orange, gemstones that are thought to unblock this chakra include jasper and coral.


In the body’s centre, the solar plexus chakra sits on the bellybutton and represents the stomach and central organs as well as self-esteem. Yellow gemstones have been thought to improve function in this area with amber citrine and yellow topaz being cited as healing stones.


Lower down the body to the heart area is where green and rose coloured gemstones are thought to enhance love but also promote health through breath. Green gemstones such as emeraldchrysoprase and also pink rose quartzrhodolite garnet and tourmaline are thought to be useful here.


The throat chakra is aptly placed to represent sound and the organs that can facilitate it such as lungs and mouth. Using lighter blue gemstones such as turquoiseaquamarine and blue topaz on this area has been said to improve physical function and improve expression.


The third eye chakra is found on the brow and is thought to focus on knowledge and coordination. In this case, blue gemstones lapis lazulisapphire and azurite placed between the eyes is thought by some to soothe anxiety and possibly even headaches.


Situated atop the head, the crown chakra is one of mindfulness and emotion, thought to evoke enlightenment in the bearer. Gemstones associated with the crown chakra are purple and clear with amethystdiamond and quartz being used on this area.


Whether you believe or doubt the power of gemstones and crystals to heal the body and mind, the intention to calm and enlighten as well as encouraging a little spirituality can’t be all bad, right? If you are an avid follower of gemstone healing please do get in touch. We’d love to learn more from our friends out there.