Women of November: Topaz Birthstones

November already? What? 2020 really has been a strange year with what started feeling like a slow run it's certainly ended up flashing by with the blink of an eye. November brings in the long winter evenings that ooze coziness and full comfort wrapped in a blanket. Warm coats and layers are the perfect accessories to accompany you this bonfire night with a mulled wine in hand. Fireworks however aren't the only show stopper this month. Topaz being the birthstone of the month is a stunning vibrant gemstone that really is breathtaking. Famous for it's signature blue colour it adds a pop of colour to that winter wonderland feeling.

Modern Baroque Pearl & Blue Topaz Earrings

The most popular colour of topaz which is also the most well known is the imperial topaz with it's vibrant shade of blue that is simply mesmerising and easily catches the eye, however one of the great things about the gemstone is that it actually comes in a wide variety of colours ranging from the classic blue we know and love to yellow, red, orange, pink, violet and green. There really is a topaz gemstone for everyones' unique taste.

The name topaz, is a mystery and is believed to have come from the Sanskrit word 'tapas'. It is believed to bring good fortune and virtue. Topaz is a very symbolic gemstone and is said to attract love, wealth and strength. Another fascinating fact about topaz is that they are known for their larger size which can reach up to 4 feet. The heaviest topaz known to exist weighs 600 pounds and currently lives in the Natural History Museum in New York. Now that's impressive.

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