Women of March: Pisces & Aries

Women of March:  Pisces & Aries


Star signs of March

March was named after the Roman God Mars, so it’s no surprise people born in this month tend to be totally fearless and bold. The third month starts of with the water star sign Pisces and the goes into the fire star sign of Aries from the 21st of March.



The Piscean Woman

Piscean women are thought to be very creative and imaginative with a love of the arts. They also show compassion and selflessness. Pisceans will may be the first ones to offer help and bring smiles when you’re feeling down!


"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn"

- Lewis Grizzard

The Aries Woman

Confident, fearless and courageous are those Aries women celebrating their birthdays from the 20th – 31st of March. Aries babies are also really trustworthy, loyal and make great friends for life!

Jewellery for March

The traditional birthstone of March is aquamarine and has been associated with happiness and promoting well-being. Aquamarine's stunning blue, water-like hues have been featured in jewellery for many years. It is said this gem was carried but sailors during long voyages who believed this gemstone would keep them safe while at sea. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a relative, friend or simply someone who has helped you out a little over the last year, here are a few gift ideas for a march baby...




If you or someone you know is celebrating their birthday this month the Team at Gemondo sends their birthday wishes. It may be a lockdown birthday – but the ending of lockdown is in the horizon!