What is Bohemian Jewellery ?

What is Bohemian Jewellery

Bohemian jewellery refers to a style of jewellery that is inspired by the bohemian fashion movement. Bohemian, or boho, style is known for its free-spirited and unconventional aesthetic, drawing influences from various cultures and eras. Bohemian jewellery typically features natural materials, such as feathers, beads, stones, and leather, as well as intricate designs and vibrant colours.



Natural Gemstones represent Boho

Boho jewellery often incorporates natural gemstones like turquoise, amethyst, agate, and quartz. These stones are typically left in their raw or organic form and can be featured as pendants and many more.



"Highly individualistic, and endless possibilities for incorporating various inspirations and elements into unique designs."




Why is bohemian popular in bringing inspiration to jewellery?

Bohemian jewellery is often associated with a relaxed, carefree style and is popular among individuals who embrace an eclectic and bohemian fashion sense. It can be found in various forms, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets. The style allows for mixing and layering different pieces to create a unique and personal look.