What Does Your May Zodiac Sign Say About You?

It's Written in the Stars


If you are one of the lucky ones born in May, not only do you get bragging rights over your emerald birthstone, you also have incredible traits written in the stars of your zodiac sign. Let us guide you through the mystic meanings behind your special day.


Women of May

Following on from April, a month that celebrates rebirth and renewal and all things bright and beautiful, May is also a month of new beginnings. No wonder May babies are usually energetic, spirited and totally full of life! The fifth month of the year celebrates all Taurus and Gemini babies out there born in the fifth month of the year. But what makes May babies so special? Well let yourself be guided by the astrology....


Armed with a captivating personality and passion for life, Taureans are said to make great friends and partners. After all, their star sign is ruled by the planet Venus, the enchanting planet of romance, pleasure and beauty. Taurus signs are said to be very hardworking and aren’t afraid of challenges. Much like the bull that represents the Taurus zodiac sign, May babies can be independent, dependable and tenacious.


Bubbly in nature and full of character, you won’t be struggling for things to do if you are best mates with a Gemini woman! These signs are said to be out-going people much like their fellow May Taureans. That being said, woman born towards the ending of May could be more reserved and think things through before planning an adventure. Geminis are thought to handle pressure very well. There could be a storm brewing and yet your fellow Geminis will be as cool as the breeze during an evening in May.

"May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive"
--Fennel Hudson

Gemstones for the women of May

Emerald is the birthstone of May and fittingly so! As flowers start to bloom and more colours start to appear outdoors, the bright and vibrant shades of emerald gemstones fit so naturally. If you’re trying to find jewellery for that special May birthday, emerald jewellery is the place to start looking. If you want to go that extra mile when looking for the right jewellery gift, why not also pick pieces that express that special someone's personality? Jewellery from the Extraordinary Collection for Extraordinary women is perfect for those who love fierce accessories that carry symbolic meanings.