Spring is here!

Spring is coming, it’s a time for new beginnings! Who’s excited? To help you blossom, we’ve made getting spring ready easy, with our stylish blog, featuring flower earrings, leaf pendants, zesty peridot and gemstone bright birthstones, that shine perfectly in the warmer weather.

Themes of rebirth and resurrection can be traced back to ancient Egypt with the god Osiris. In mythology, Osiris was torn apart by his rival Seth and his body was scattered across egypt. These parts were then gathered by the goddess Isis, bringing Osiris back to sit as the judge of the underworld. His rebirth thus speaks to the duality of fertility, giving life to vegetation and paying homage to the decay of winter.

With the coming of spring comes changing circumstances. The renewal that comes with the turning of the new year is a chance for us to be more courageous and grasp new opportunities, which means your jewellery collection is likely ready for a fresh beginning.

For millennia, emeralds have been used to symbolise this renewal. Figures such as Cleopatra were known to have a passion for emeralds and they were even thought to possess mystical power that could give the wearer the ability to foresee the future and see the truth. More recently, emeralds vibrant green gemstones have come to represent the fertility and abundance of luscious green landscapes.


The return of spring brings with it the return of the humble honey bee, for who we rely on to hold the balance of nature together as pollinators. Pay homage to these pollinators who do so much for us, with our Honeycomb collection.


To blossom to your full potential, why not add some floral jewellery into the mix. We have a range of gemstones for all occasions.


The Caruso Collection is also beautifully influenced by the intricacies of flowers, with a stunning level of detail.


We even have the O Leaf collection, inspired by the Olive Tree. Acting as an ancient symbol of peace and friendship, they look stunning on the wearer.


We hope you embrace this season and all the beautiful things ahead.