Muses of the ECFEW Collection

Channel the Empress in you!
Gemondo's Extraordinary Collection for Extraordinary Women tells visual stories of heroic females to inspire a new generation of strong and empowering women. Adorn beautiful gemstone jewellery pieces created in homage to muses who have owned their course of history. Read about the muses for this collection below and be empowered by stories of courage and female empowerment.

Joan D'Arc

Joan of Arc also known as 'The Maid Of Orléans' is an inspirational heroine and patron saint of France who is known for her remarkable leadership in the 'Hundred Years War'. When she was 13 she was said to hear voices in which she believed was a sign sent from God. These voices tasked her with the toilsome challenge to save France and install Charles of Valois as it’s rightful king.She led France into triumphant victory in 1429 by pushing back against the English. Not only did she lead armies into battles but she stood up for herself after an attempted arranged marriage set up by her father by succesfully persuading the court that she should not be forced to accept the marriage. Joan of Arc truly is an inspiration. She stood up for what she believed in and was a force to be reckoned with. She’s even a trend setter and is known to be the inspiration for the bob haircut. What a woman!




Bow down to your royal highness. Born a princess in 69 BC, Cleopatra goes down in history for being one of the greatest Pharos of Ancient Egypt. Her combination of intelligence and charm led her to successfully reign over Egypt for more than 20 years. In fact, whilst Cleopatra was ruling, Egypt was the most richest and most powerful country in the Mediterranean. She did many things to build the economy in Egypt and enhance her position and status such as trading with Arabia and other eastern allies. Despite working hard to turn Egypt into a powerhouse for commerce and trade, history has sometimes been harsh to this empress for mixing romance with politics and war. While her allegiance with Marc Anthony can be seen as her ultimate undoing, Cleopatra will live on in history as being one of the fiercest and most powerful rulers to ever live!


Gemondo is proud to celebrate all women past and present who empower and make their mark in the world. Throughout history many women have done remarkable things that still amaze us all today. Every year Gemondo draws inspiration from extraordinary women throughout history for our ECFEW collection, time and time again we are amazed by the incredible stories of women making their mark in history. Which other iconic women in history come to mind as true inspirations?