Jewellery to Empower Women

This International Women’s day we’re on a mission to help empower women by helping them feel glamorous! Too often it seems, women are crippled by a self-limiting disbelief in themselves and a sense that they need to prove their worth before they can declare their value.
The Extraordinary Collection for Extraordinary Women tells visual stories of heroic females to inspire a new generation of strong and empowering women. Adorn beautiful gemstone jewellery pieces created in homage to muses who have owned their course of history so you can carry their brilliance reflected in every one of our designs.

The Ruler


A Queen at just 18 years old, Cleopatra went on to become one of the most iconic leaders in history. With Julius Caeser on her side, Cleopatra raised armies bound to protect her interests.

A revered symbol of goddess Wadjet and her protective nature. The snake was often featured on ancient Egyptian crowns and in hieroglyphics. It is said Marc Antony named Cleopatra his 'Serpent of the Nile' for her charm and wiles.




The Liberator


An inspirational heroine and patron saint of France who is known for her remarkable leadership in the 'Hundred Years War'. Joan D'Arc was a self-taught warrior and a force to be reckoned with.


Synonymous with France, the Fleur de Lis motif was used to represent holy saints. Adorned with a gem of your choice to evoke: passion, good fortune, or perhaps success.



The Creator


The Creator collection celebrates female artists who pushed the boundaries of the surrealist movements by finding new ways to express their reality through stark depictions of physical and emotional pain.


Famed for its gorgeous colours and floral elements, this collection exudes the nature inspired elegance of the surrealist art movement with dazzling gemstones.


The Unifier



Inspired by the incredible performances of the women who led the cultural scene in Paris during the Jazz Age and would later prove to be important figureheads of the American Civil Rights movement and the French resistance during the second world war, all while defying expectations.


As signature pieces from this period, brought on by new techniques in cultivation, Pearls became a staple piece for every glamorous woman. Paying homage to this iconic look, the Unifier collection features chains of gorgeous Pearls.


The Unifier collection also features fierce lioness jewellery, that acts as a symbol of Resistance, Courage, and Strength you can carry with you.