Go glam with Grand Deco!

Bold, eccentric, and truly mesmerising – the Art Deco era was really a style movement and time period centred around elegance, luxury, and glamour. First popularised in France, the Art Deco age defined modern style and sophistication. But where did it all start and how has this early 20th-century style period influenced our newest Grand Deco collection?  

The Era of Art Deco Glamour


The Art Deco Era is known for ushering in a new type of way of life in the western world. Originating in Europe in the late 1910s, the Art Deco era, (also referred to as style modern) was characterised by the flair of luxury and modernity. Gone were the days of depression and a new wave of opulence was on the horizon. This extravagant period in history was all about celebrating modern sophistication. Following the Edwardian era, the Art Deco era saw a shift to bold colours and modern patterns. Emulated in everything from furniture to architecture, the Art Deco period influenced many modern trends we see today.

About Art Deco Jewellery


The Art Deco era ushered in a new way of life that celebrated sophistication and sleekness, but that wasn’t all. Many designers during this time started to play around with non-traditional materials. Jewellery started to incorporate in new metals such as platinum and sterling silver. More precious and semi-precious gemstone also started to be used in jewellery pieces. Vibrant cabochon cut gemstones were particularly popular during this time as they symbolized a new type of wealth and class.

The Grand Deco jewellery collection

The Grand Deco Collection

Jewellery pieces from our Grand Deco collection embody the grandeur and elegance of the Art Deco era. Turn heads with rock crystal statement rings, edgy drop earrings, black enamel necklaces with precious stones and more that will be the life and soul of your next Great Gatsby party.