Gemstones of good luck for 2021

This year has been a crazy journey. From devastating bushfires that ravaged Australian ecosystems during the early part of the year to a worldwide pandemic, 2020 seemed like a never ending horror movie for most people. Not all is lost though. With vaccines underway, more prepared governments and healthcare systems and even many companies throughout the world pledging millions to help disadvantaged communities, it looks like things are slowly starting to turn around in time for 2021. Still feeling a little anxious for the coming year and need some extra luck? Well, we have made a list a few gemstones that are said to bring good luck to wearers.


For hundreds of years people in the local communities throughout Uruguay and Brazil, communities that depended on the mining of amethyst, have deemed this gemstone a bringer of good luck. Amethyst is still worn by many people today because of its believed protective powers. So if you’re feeling a little worried about the coming year Amethyst is great gem to rock as we enter 2021. This gemstone has also been a highly sought over because of its association with harmony and the belief that this gem helps restore a sense of calmness in tough situations.

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Referred to as the money stone, Peridot was used in a lot of jewellery during many ancient civilizations as people believed the gem brought wealth to wearers as well as helping people make good decisions. The ancient Mesopotamia and Persian eras also believed Peridot enhanced one’s leadership power and war tactics. This stunning green gem has even been found buried alongside the mummies of Pharos and inside the walls of the great pyramids.

Named of after the place where it was first discovered, the Canadian province of Labradore, this gemstone has increased in popularity over the last few years because of its stunning colours. Labradorite is thought to be one of the most powerful protective gemstones that also carries calming properties. Labradorite is also one of the few gems that actually change colours. This is probably the reason behind why Labradorite is sometimes referred to as the stone of transformation. Many lovers of this gemstones also believe it promotes flexibility and the adaptability when worn.

Carnelian is another gemstone that was popular during ancient civilizations. This reddish-orange semi-precious gemstone was heavily used in jewellery as it represented good luck and health. Possibly because of its red blood-like hue, healers used to prescribe wearing Carnelian to help cure certain skin diseases.

Cirtine is also another gemstone that many cultures believed carried healing properties and promoted good health. The warm, bright colours of citrine gemstones led it be referred to as the merchant stone. During the middle ages, people believed that wearing the merchants stone would lead them to success and prosperity.

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While things do seem to be getting back to some type of normal, a little extra luck from these gemstones that have believed to bring good fortune wouldn’t hurt. And even if you don’t believe that these precious little stones will bring good luck, we can guarantee you’ll look great in some stunning gemstone jewellery from Gemondo!

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021!