Feel good gems to brighten up your January

Hello 2022 it's so nice of you to join us. As we bring in the new year we welcome a fresh start but also a lot of struggles. Not only do we face the pressure of keeping to those new years resolutions but the lack of sunlight also has us feeling down in the dumps. It's important this time of year to care for yourself and make sure you keep those spirits high. To help you with this we would like to share our favourite feel good gemstones that might just brighten up your winter.

Harmonic chalcedony


First up we have chalcedony, a beloved member of the quartz family. This luscious green gem is considered both a nurturing and protection stone. Some people believe that it absorbs negative energy restoring some balance to life when you keep it nearby.

At this time of year, we can feel a little imbalanced within ourselves and in our day to day lives, so making sure that we are taking the time to reconnect with our mind, body and soul is crucial to bringing inner peace and harmony.


There's no doubt that we don't all miss the brighter weather that summer brings. Winter can seem so miserable but it doesn't have to be. Sunny citrine is a perfect gemstone for raising those positive vibrations and restoring happiness.

It's believed that citrine carries the power of the sun. It's no surprise as it comes in a variety of orange and yellow tones.


Even just by looking at turquoise, it brings us into a tranquil state of mind. Its tones resemble that of fresh tropical waters that exist only somewhere hot and sunny. Just what we need at this time of year right?

Turquoise is said to align all the chakras and soothe you into true serenity, stabilising mood swings and renewing energy. If you're looking for a mood booster or just need to feel more relaxed, this might just be the gemstone for you.


Self esteem can take quite a knock this time of year. We've all been there, in a state of self doubt and mixed emotions about where we are heading in this new year. Well we are taking charge and making 2022 the year we take back the power and learn to believe in ourselves once again.

Lapis Lazuli is said to boost self confidence, self awareness and also boost your mood. It just so happens to make a bold statement when stepping up your jewellery look this year.

Although we cannot guarantee that these gemstones have magical powers, we can assure you that if anything they will certainly level up your jewellery game this 2022. Here's to a positive and successful new year!