Fall in Love with the Gemstones of Autumn

As the leaves start to fall from the trees and the days start to get shorter it’s time for us to start planning our outfits for the fall. Yes, the warmer days are behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go out and have some fun – and all while looking totally glamorous. That’s where the stunning gemstones of autumn come in. From the warm red shades of carnelian to the creamy, mellow hues of opal, there are many gemstones that have a natural affinity to the months of Autumn.





Warm Greens

Add a pop of colour to your seasonal wardrobe with gemstones in glorious shades green. Gemstones such as tourmaline, jade, green chalcedony and malachite look stunning against soft beiges, greys and pastel tones of autumn fashion. It is also believed that many green gemstones carry both mental and physical healing properties – just what you need to keep those autumn blues away!

Cosy Reds

Warm red gemstones are perfect for the autumn months as they reflect the various shades of nature this time of the year such as the red and orange tones of falling autumn leaves. This season calls for red jasper, garnet, carnelian and fire opals in their various shades from bright orangey-reds to calmer browney-reds. The tones of these gemstones also complement the more muted colours of autumn outfits and your seasonal wardrobe.

"Autumn paints in the colours summer never saw"


Beautiful Browns

The earthy yet sophisticated feel of brown and orange gemstones such as tiger's eyes, citrine and brown mystic topaz make them perfect for the fall! Effortlessly complimenting the colours of the season, these beautiful gemstones will instantly add an element of sparkle and warmth to your outfit. According to legend, citrine and tiger's eye gemstones were worn during this time of the year as many people believed they protected the wearer against negative energies.

Iridescent gemstones

The colours outside may start to fade away as the weather cools down, but that doesn’t mean your jewellery has to be muted! Light up those dull autumn evenings with the variety of colours that gemstones such as opal and moonstone have to offer. While the most popular forms of these gemstones are in pearlescent shades of white, cream, and brown, when held in the light a magical rainbow of colours appears.