Empowering Mantras To Live By In 2021

With the new year comes a fresh start and oh my do we all need one. It's time to set the tone for 2021 following a challenging year in so many ways. It really feels as though we've faced a decade of challenges in just one year and it's important to reflect on lessons learned throughout and take these forward with us. One thing we all have learnt is just how strong we are. At Gemondo we pride ourselves on celebrating extraordinary women who achieve remarkable things so here are some empowering quotes to live by in 2021 by some extraordinary women.

The Princess of the people and a real inspiration to women around the world. Diana captured many peoples hearts and shook things up with her fashionable style and rebellious personality. She didn't play by the rules and that's why we love her. In a world where sometimes we play it too safe it is important to live the life you love not the life you are expected to live. If anything we have learnt from this year is life is short and it can certainly change in an instance. Dare to be different and do what you love. Just be your unique self.

She's everyones favourite First Lady and we all wish she'd just run for president already right? Michelle Obama pretty much dedicates her life and soul to empowering other women around the world. In a world where often we can be put down by others unkind words and self doubt it's important to remember just how incredible we all are. We can literally accomplish anything we want and 2021 is the year to start achieving those goals you convince yourself you can't achieve, well guess what... you can do anything you put your mind to.

Dolly Parton really is a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice, and she's even made big moves in the pandemic by funding vaccination research... Thank you Dolly. This quote really is quite appropriate to life right now as a lot of us feels at a crossroads in life. If you feel uninspired by what you are doing and where you are heading it's time to change direction, it's never too late to switch things up and change your future. Do this for you and no one else.

The first female president? we sure hope so! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really is a force to be reckoned with and speaks with true passion standing up for what she believes in. In a world that can be so cruel it's important for those of us who care to stand up and spread the love. Hope is what gets us through the dark days and the more we spread it the more life gets easier for those people around us who are struggling to be hopeful about the future ahead of us.

Life is a little weird and we face new challenges everyday. Don't forget just how strong you are. Keep achieving your goals and never give up. You have the power to empower. Check out our Extraordinary Collection for EXTRAORDINARY women just like you.