Amethyst uses, meaning, and healing properties.


Amethyst is a versatile gem that has had a variety of uses throughout history. Its rich purple colour and unique crystal formations make it a popular choice for jewellery, with amethyst being used to create stunning necklaces, bracelets earrings, and more. Amethyst also found its way into home decor with amethyst geodes used as centrepieces and to aid in meditation.

Earliest Egyptian Tombs were adorned with Amethyst

Amethyst stone meaning and symbolism

Its purple colour and unique crystal formations have made this stone a symbol of power. In ancient times, Amethyst was highly praised by royalty and has even been found in the earliest Egyptian tombs. Ancient Greeks and Romans thought this stone could protect the wearer from Bacchus' intoxicating effects and preserve their sharp-wit. Medieval churchmen believed Amethyst to bring divine revalations and wisdom.

Physical properties

Amethyst crystals are a variety of silica quartz crystals, commonly found in Brazil, Uruguay, Ontario, and North Carolina. They are commonly formed in the cavities of volcanic rocks when mineral-rich lava fluids stream into an opening, fissure, and crack. The magnificent crystal formation is preserved inside the heated magma as it cools to become volcanic rocks.

Amethyst Healing & Meditative properties

Long revered for its healing properties amethyst is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Amethyst is a popular choice among spiritual practitioners. Place it near the crown chakra to open oneself to mindfulness and emotions, to help balance negative energy. Amethyst is commonly used in meditation and spiritual practices, as it is believed to have calming and grounding effects helping with stress and anxiety.

Valentines Stone

Amethyst is a very romantic stone, making it a wonderful option for a Valentine's Day gift for a lover. St. Valentine is supposed to have worn an amethyst ring with a carving of cupid on it.

Amethyst uses

As the February birthstone, amethyst can aid the wearer in overcoming challenges brought on by this chilly month. It’s also the birthstone for Pisces. Amethyst is now widely regarded for its exquisite purple colour and capacity to go with both warm and chilly weather attire. Add this lovely stone to your jewellery collection with our impressive selection of amethyst rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


Amethyst is a magnificent and energetic gem with a long history and a range of uses. Its stunning purple colour and distinctive structure make it one of a kind.