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Unlike other gemstones more commonly mined from the earth, pearls are spherical calcium carbonate based gems grown inside shelled molluscs. Pearls are an exquisite reminder of nature’s inherent beauty, in particular that which is drawn from the aquatics. No two natural pearls will ever be the same and so much care and attention is taken in matching shapes in strings. The orb-like shape and pale iridescence of pearls have made them synonymous with the moon. In some cultures it was said that pearls were ‘teardrops of the moon’ fallen from rain and placed in the heart of an oyster. To avoid any unnecessary damage to the environment, Gemondo pearls are cultured, meaning they are grown and harvested for use in jewellery. They are still completely natural but do not require intrusion into the earth’s precious resources.Pearls are the birthstone for June and have also accumulated a reputation for purity and innocence, often associated with weddings and bridal jewellery. Pearls are the birthstone for June and also represent Gemini's in the zodiac.

Countries of Origin: China, Japan, Australia