House of the Dragon inspired Jewellery

House of the Dragon inspired Jewellery

House of the Dragon features an array of different jewellery, from medallion necklaces to red gemstone rings and earrings. We've searched all over to present to you the finest jewellery in all of Kings Landing.

Throughout the show Princess Rhaenya is often seen sporting ravenous red gemstones encased with silver details - symbolic of the red three headed dragon sigil of House Targaryen. Sport these reds like a royal for the ultimate Targaryen CHIC look!

What better way to forge an alliance than with bold matching rings? Back when they were best of friends, Rhaenyra and Alicent shared matching cabochon statement rings! Match with your bestie and unite Westeros for good.

While the colour green is often a symbol of peace, it had a very different meaning for House Hightower and highlights Alicents dilemma - being torn between loyalty to her house and childhood friend, Princess Rhaenyra. During the royal dinner, when she made her dramatic entrance dressed in a green gown and sporting fine emeralds - it revealed her decision to support her son's claim to the Iron Throne.

If Blood and fire isn’t your thing, maybe your allegiance is with the seas - and where would the seafaring house be without Mother of Pearl? Seen wearing gorgeous pearlescent pear-cut, these rings help House Velaryon pay their respect to the sea gods.  

House Targaryan may be no more but you can still bring back the dragon age with your very own jewel encrusted Egg. Keep it warm by your heart and who knows when it will hatch!